Personal Best® FR

For the manual measurement of airway width

It measures the peak expiratory peak flow, from which conclusions can be drawn on the “dilation” of the bronchi.
Peak-Flow-Meter Personal Best FR
Product features:

  • Full-range scale of 60 – 800 l/min
  • Scale in steps of 10
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Allows patients to perform a fast self-evaluation and easily monitor their own state of health
  • Pocket-sized, includes a diary
  • Hygienic protection thanks to integrated protective case
  • Only for single-patient use
Peak-Flow-Meter Personal Best FR

The Peak-Flow-Meter in a practical pocket size

Adults and children can measure their peak flow quickly and reliably, with the Peak-Flow-Meter Personal Best® FR.

The full-range scale of 60 – 800 l/min makes peak flow fluctuations measurable during the course of illness, and helps with dosage adjustment of optimal medication. The Peak-Flow-Meter Personal Best® FR is suitable for pulmonary patients of all ages and severity levels.

Integrated traffic light system

The traffic light system is ideal for obtaining a reliable overview of the width of the airways. With the colour codes it is easy to ascertain if there is a need for treatment, and of what type.

Peak-Flow-Meter Personal Best Anwendung

Ordering Information

The Peak Flow is available online as well as in pharmacies and medical supply stores in Germany.

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