RC-Clean® cleaning bag
for the microwave

Professional cleaning – easy,
fast and secure

Depending on microwave power, 90 seconds is enough to perform hygienically safe cleaning of medical products and baby articles such as dummies and baby bottles.1)

RC-Clean® Cleaning Bags are designed so that they fit easily in all conventional microwaves. Products suitable for cleaning are those that can be sterilised in boiling water and are microwave-safe. These include:

  • the entire RC-Cornet® PLUS family of products
  • the entire RC-Cornet® family of products
  • the entire RC-Chamber® family of products
  • all masks for inhalation
  • dummies and baby bottles
Medical products and baby articles can be cleaned easily, quickly and safely in the microwave – with the microwaveable sterilizing bags by CEGLA Medizintechnik.


Insert the products to be cleaned in an RC-Clean® Cleaning Bag together with 60 ml water. Seal the bag and put it in the microwave. Done!


With the RC-Clean® microwave bag sterilisers you can clean your medical products and baby articles in only 90 seconds, depending on microwave power.


When the water in the microwave bag steriliser heats up, hot steam is produced. This effectively kills bacteria and germs1) (more under “Hygiene”). The treatment of baby articles and medical products during this process is fast and hygienically safe.


During steam cleaning in the microwave with the RC-Clean® cleaning bags, high temperatures are generated that effectively kill off bacteria and germs. This has also been demonstrated by a microbiological germ study that can be sent to you upon request.

Cleaning baby articles

Whether at home or on the road – play it safe with RC-Clean® when cleaning baby bottles, dummies, etc. Items suitable for cleaning with RC-Clean are all baby articles that can be sterilised in boiling water and are microwave-safe. These include: baby bottles, dummies, cutlery (no metal cutlery), or teething rings.

Cleaning medical products

Whether in hospital, at a medical practice, or at home – the hygienic treatment of medical products with RC-Clean® systematically prevents any germ formation or possible infections.

Items suitable for cleaning with RC-Clean® are all medical products that can be sterilised in boiling water and are microwave-safe. These include: spacers (e.g. RC-Chamber®) and PEP therapy devices (e.g. RC-Cornet® and RC-Cornet® PLUS)

Ordering Information

The RC-Clean® Cleaning Bag is available online as well as in pharmacies and medical supply stores.
PPN 111 075 103 265
Article no. 5000

1) The results of microbiological studies are available upon request.

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