FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to customer questions that have been frequently asked in the last few weeks.

These are the questions that we have answered most frequently:


Can the RC-Chamber® be washed in the dishwasher?

Response: We do not recommend washing in the dishwasher for hygienic reasons since this is an inhalation device. The product (like a tipped over glas) may collect leftovers. All parts of the RC-Chamber® can be sterilised in boiling water, disinfected in the vaporiser, and cleaned in the RC-Clean cleaning bag. (In order to avoid calcification, we recommend boiling in distilled water.)


Is a complete overview of your products available?

Response: You can find a complete overview of our products in our current Product Catalogue.


What are the differences between the RC-Cornet® PLUS and RC-Cornet®?

Response: The RC-Cornet® PLUS is a further development of the RC Cornet® and arose from a collaboration among doctors, therapists and patients. It fundamentally differs from the RC-Cornet® in its suitability for very weak patients by offering an initial pressure of 5 cm H2O, and through its integrated nebuliser attachment and markedly simplified handling and cleaning. There are no plans to halt production of the RC-Cornet®.

Additional questions regarding the RC-Cornet® PLUS are answered here.

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