www.leichter-atmen.de – health portal for COPD

Our health portal leichter-atmen.de (“breathe easy”) is a daily source of reference for patients, offering information on topics such as COPD, emphysema, and asthma in Germany language. An English version is in plan. (Status date: November 2021)

Medical topics presented expertly and clearly

Since its start in 2009, leichter-atmen.de has continuously recorded increasing visitor numbers and page views. With an average of 2 Million users per month (as of Aug. 2021), the website is nowadays one of the leading COPD portals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This information source stands out for its many-years’ experience and delivers medical quality content that is easy for laypersons to understand. The contents gear primarily toward COPD patients and their immediate family, who can inform themselves about disease-related topics. At leichter-atmen.de you can find articles and contributions covering medical issues and issues relevant to everyday life in an expert and easy-to-understand manner.

In particular, thanks to our highly-esteemed bloggers on leichter-atmen.de, a community has been formed that allows for valuable communication and exchange of ideas among participants.

Our offering is rounded out with a monthly newsletter that has approximately 9,000 subscribers.