RC-Cornet® PLUS

PEP / OPEP therapy device for the lower respiratory tract – loosens phlegm, reduces coughing and shortness of breath

RC-Cornet® PLUS
Guideline-compliant PEP* therapy for the effective loosening and removal of sticky bronchial phlegm. The RC-Cornet® PLUS achieves an oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) during exhalation. The risk of respiratory tract infections is reduced.
Studies show that regular RC-Cornet® PLUS therapy, especially in cases of COPD, reduces hospital stays and the need for antibiotics. 1)
* positive expiratory pressure
RC-Cornet® PLUS
RC-Cornet® PLUS – Active Principle

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The RC-Cornet® PLUS is a further development of the RC Cornet®. It offers many innovative elements that simplifies its use in everyday life.

Product features

  • Choice of two treatment forms: Dilation of the bronchi preventing breathlessness (setting I) and reduction / mobilisation of bronchial phlegm reducing cough and infection risks (setting II)
  • Improvement of gas exchange
  • Individually selectable intensities thanks to four different resistance levels for each treatment form. In each setting, the intensity of resistance can be pre-set to four different levels (A-D) based on the patient’s needs; it is thus also appropriate for weak patients
  • The integrated nebulizer adapter allows for simultaneous respiratory therapy and mist inhalation. This shortens the therapy time and improves the deposition of drugs
  • Reduced volume: thanks to the new body design, operation is quieter
  • Can be used in any position
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Satisfies the highest clinical requirements (KRINKO) in terms of application and hygiene (max. 134 °C / multi-patient use)
Anwendung des RC-Cornet® PLUS

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Product design

The RC-Cornet® PLUS is a further development of the RC Cornet® (base cornet). It features many innovative elements that allow for even easier use in everyday life and extends the therapeutic options.

Choice of treatment form

The patented mouthpiece allows for the accurate choice between two different treatments: stabilising exhalation pressure to reduce shortness of breath (setting I) and mobilising exhalation pressure to reduce coughing as well as an infection risk(setting II).
Nebulizer connection for inhalation

Nebulizer connection for inhalation

With RC-Cornet® PLUS, a combined inhalation and respiratory therapy is possible. The length of therapy is reduced and the deposition of drugs is improved.

Hygienic, easy, effective

The new tube design makes handling and assembly easier, and allows for a faster drying time for the tube using the new drying aid.

RC-Tracheal mask

For patients with an open tracheostomy, the RC-Cornet® PLUS is adaptable thanks to the RC-Tracheal mask.

Article no. 3012 | PPN 111 118 816 586

Different resistances

Each setting has a selection of 4 resistances. This allows for individualised therapy – starting at a minimum exhalation pressure of > 5cm H2O.

Quieter during use

Reduced volume thanks to its redesign.

RC-Cornet® PLUS resistances

rc-cornet plus resistances

The RC-Cornet® PLUS allows even very weak patients (including neuromuscular and stroke patients) to receive PEP / OPEP therapy using the different resistances in each setting, as well as using the complete exhalation air. Tip: in the case of tracheostomised patients, it might make sense to begin with setting II.

Effective x2 for respiratory tract diseases

Optional combination of respiratory therapy and mist inhalation:

rc-cornet plus combination therapy
Therapy becomes more effective through dilation of the airways in setting I and simultaneous mist inhalation through the integrated nebulizer attachment. The nebulizer attachment fits all standard ISO nebulizer.
The RC-Cornet® PLUS NEBULIZER SET (PPN 111 443 990 049 | Article no. 2651) is available for non ISO nebulizers.
rc-cornet-plus + rc-chamber + dosieraerosol
The combination of the one-minute dilation of the airways in setting I and subsequent use of the RC-Chamber® with metered-dose inhaler improves drug deposition.
RC-Chamber® with mouthpiece inhalation aid incl. safety pouch, emergency plan and guardian angel hanger
Article no. 30300
PPN 111 171 102 343


Converts every basic device into
an RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL.

PPN 111 305 820 282
Article no. 2683

RC-Cornet® PLUS tracheal attachment

Converts every basic device into

RC-Cornet® PLUS Tracheoansatz
PPN 11 13 348 532 53
Article no. 2621

Ordering Information

The RC-Cornet® PLUS is available online as well as in pharmacies and medical supply stores in Germany.
PPN: 11 12 419 336 67
Article no. 2600

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1 Studies are available upon request.