RC-Cornet® (Base Cornet)

Respiratory therapy device for the lower respiratory tract – loosens phlegm, reduces coughing and shortness of breath

RC-Cornet® (Basiscornet)
Logo RC-Cornet®
Studies show that consistent RC-Cornet® therapy reduces the need for antibiotics and the frequency of hospital stays. 1)

Product features:

  • Effectively frees up the airways of sticky bronchial phlegm
  • Satisfies the highest clinical requirements (KRINKO) in terms of application and hygiene (max. 134 °C / multi-patient use)
  • Can be connected to a nebulizer through an adapter, for improved drug deposition and a shortened therapy time
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Can be used in any body position
Logo RC-Cornet®
RC-Cornet® (Basiscornet)

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Use of the RC-Cornet®

To use the RC-Cornet®, close your lips around the mouthpiece. Breathe in through the nose and slowly breathe out through the mouth. When exhaling into the mouthpiece, slight pressure is formed in the bronchi, which treats the airways (OPEP respiratory therapy).

We recommend using the RC-Cornet® for acute cases of congestion 3x a day for 2 to 5 minutes if not otherwise prescribed. With first use, the RC-Cornet® already has a beneficial effect on the airways and loosens stubborn bronchial phlegm. Steady improvement of the person’s state of health is achieved through continuous use of the RC-Cornet®.

RC-Cornet® Basiscornet Anwendung

Areas of application

Do you have:

  • frequently recurring respiratory tract infections?
  • fast onset of shortness of breath during exertion?
  • a dry cough or problems coughing up phlegm?
  • a strong productive cough, especially in the mornings?
The RC-Cornet®

  • effectively frees up the airways of stubborn bronchial phlegm
  • alleviates dry coughing
  • reduces the need for antibiotics and the frequency of hospital stays
  • satisfies the highest clinical requirements
Professional associations recommend the RC-Cornet® for the following medical conditions:

Ordering Information

The RC-Cornet® is available online.

Quantity per unit: 10
Article no. 210-10

The RC-Cornet® is only available directly
from us for clinics with a packaging unit of 10 pcs.

RC-Cornet recycelbare Umverpackung
The recyclable outer packaging is ideally suited for storage of the product.


By retrofitting or upgrading, the RC-Cornet® can be used in versatile ways. With the help of different accessories, it can:

– be combined with other inhalation and measurement devices
– be used for therapy of the upper respiratory tract

The RC-Cornet® Adapter with mouthpiece (Quantity per unit: 10, Article no. 225-10) allows for the simultaneous performance of respiratory and inhalation therapy for optimised drug deposition.

The RC-Cornet® Nasal Set (Quantity per unit: 10, Article no. 221-10) allows for conversion to an RC-Cornet® N for therapy of the upper respiratory tract.

Click here for additional accessories.

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1 Studies are available upon request.