A tracheostomy is a frequently performed, very effective surgery to ventilate patients or in the event of a mechanical breathing disability in the larynx area.

In this intervention, an artificial connection is established below the larynx, from the front side of the throat to the trachea. A curved tube (tracheal cannula) is inserted into the tracheostomy hole, and is directed toward the trachea and the lungs. The trachea is sealed by means of a cuff that is inflated against the larynx it. It thus offers protection from descending saliva and prevents air from escaping through the mouth or nose during respiration.

A tracheostomy should not be confused with a cricothyrotomy which is performed in emergency situations on patients with an acute risk of suffocation.

Tracheostomy anatomy
A tracheostomy reduces the warming, moistening, and filtering of air through the nose, mouth and throat, and may therefore cause shortness of breath and increased mucus formation in patients. In some situations it may be necessary to administer inhalable drugs to support the pulmonary function or to address the consistency of secretions. Several options are available for an optimal inhalation through the tracheostomy. Special tracheostomy masks or spacers including a tracheal cannula cap optimise the effect of the medication and prevent the leaking of inhalants (e.g., RC-Chamber® for tracheostomised patients).
Inhalierhilfe RC-Chamber®

RC-Chamber® for
tracheostomised patients

Allows tracheostomised and weaning patients to receive inhalation therapy with metered-dose inhalers.
Efficient secretion management is the prerequisite for successful therapy of artificially ventilated patients. An emerging problem with secretions during weaning is the main reason for the reinsertion of a tube. The objective is thus to avoid increased formation of secretions in tracheostomy patients and to simplify secretion management. PEP therapy devices with physical effect can provide remedial action in this case (e.g., RC-Cornet® PLUS TRACHEO).
Atemtherapiegerät RC‑Cornet® PLUS


for tracheostomised patients
with cannulas

Unique phlegm dissolution method for added quality of life with tracheostomies.