for tracheostomised patients with cannulas

A unique phlegm dissolution method to add quality of life.

PEP / OPEP therapy with the RC-Cornet® PLUS TRACHEO eases the suctioning of sticky secretions for tracheostomy patients with a cannula (tube).

The RC-Cornet® PLUS TRACHEO has an integrated 15mm tracheal attachment that allows patients with a cannula to receive PEP / OPEP therapy with the RC-Cornet® PLUS. The included nebulizer port also offers the option of a simultaneous inhalation therapy for improved expectoration.

Note: For patients with an open tracheostomy, the RC-Cornet® PLUS can be used with the assistance of the RC-Tracheal mask.

RC-Cornet® PLUS TRACHEO – Respiratory therapy

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Living with a tracheostomy

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Unique manual phlegm dissolution

Product features

  • Especially suited for tracheostomised and very weak patients
  • Supports the weaning process
  • A integrated, ISO-standard, 22 mm nebuliser port allows for simultaneous respiratory and inhalation therapy with a nebuliser, for better expectoration
  • Choice of two treatment forms: Dilation of the bronchi, loosening of bronchial phlegm
  • Individually selectable intensities thanks to four different resistance levels for each treatment form. In each setting, the intensity of resistance can be pre-set to four different levels (A-D) based on the patient’s needs
  • Reduced volume: thanks to the new housing design, operation is quieter
  • Can be used in any body position
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Satisfies the highest clinical requirements
Application RC-Cornet® PLUS TRACHEO

Product design

The RC-Cornet® PLUS TRACHEO is a variant of the RC Cornet® PLUS. It offers many innovative elements that simplify its use in everyday life.

Choice of treatment form

The patented mouthpiece allows for the accurate choice between two different treatments: stabilising exhalation pressure to reduce shortness of breath, and elimination of secretions through suction

Nebulizer port for inhalation

With the RC-Cornet® PLUS, combined inhalation and PEP therapy is possible. The length of therapy is reduced and the deposition of drugs is improved.

Hygienic, easy, effective

The new tube design makes handling and assembly easier, enabling a faster drying time for the tube using new drying aids.

RC-Tracheal mask

For patients with an open tracheostomy, the RC-Cornet® PLUS is adaptable thanks to the RC-Tracheal mask.

Article no. 3012 | PPN 111 118 816 586

Different resistances

Each setting has a selection of 4 resistances. This enables individualised therapy – starting at a minimum exhalation pressure
of > 5 cm H2O.

Quieter during use

Reduced volume thanks to its redesign.

Ordering Information

The RC-Cornet® PLUS TRACHEO is available online as well as in pharmacies and medical supply stores.
PPN 11 124 413 24 89
Article no. 2690

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