RC-Animal Chamber® CAT

Inhalation therapy for cats with chronic pulmonary disease

RC-Animal-Chamber KATZE
One in every 100 cats will develop asthma! The RC-Animal Chamber® CAT makes possible the gentle and effective treatment of feline asthma with medication sprays.

In human medicine, the treatment of respiratory diseases with medication sprays has long been a common practice. The advantages of drug inhalation are evident, especially when compared to the earlier customary administration of drugs in the form of tablets or injections:

  • The active agent travels deeply into the respiratory tract
  • The drug works directly at the location of illness (the lungs)
  • Cortisone can be dispensed at lower doses when using metered-dose inhalers
  • The serious side effects of cortisone shots or tablets are no longer a concern
RC-Animal-Chamber KATZE

Mode of action of the drug inhalation

With local application, the active agent is carried through the respiration directly to its intended destination, where it can take better effect.

Wirkprinzip Medikamenteninhalation Katze
Effektive Behandlung von Katzenasthma mit Medikamentensprays

When is inhalation therapy helpful for cats?

Inhalation therapy is used for cats with chronic respiratory diseases. Among these, feline asthma is by far the most common illness. Symptoms range from regular coughing episodes to attacks of shortness of breath, often when contact is made with triggering allergens.

However, the diagnosis of feline asthma should not be readily made by laypersons.
We recommend instead that you discuss the use of inhalation therapy with your veterinarian!

Which medication is right?

Metered-dose inhalers for therapy of chronic respiratory diseases are available as human preparations. These include drugs containing cortisone (e.g. Flutide) that work as anti-inflammatories, and bronchodilators (e.g. Sultanol) that work by dilating the bronchi. There are also preparations that combine both types of active agents.

All common metered-dose inhalers are fundamentally compatible with the RC-Animal Chamber® CAT. However, we do not recommend the use of any specific medication. You should talk with your veterinarian about the therapy for your cat!

At present, there are no medicated sprays on the market with veterinarian approval. Therefore, in order to be used on animals, a reclassification of human drugs is required. Talk to your veterinarian about your medication options!

RC-Animal Chamber® CAT product features

  1. Extra soft silicone masks
    – airtight seal when they are put on
    – transparent design takes away the fear of inhalation
  2. Variable mask system
    – masks available in different sizes
  3. Valve system
    – optical inhalation control indicates when the pet has inhaled the active agent
    – prevents rebreathing in the chamber
  4. Transparent chamber
    – you can see foreign particles and impurities before the pet breathes in
  5. Universal adapter
    – compatible with all metered-dose inhalers
  6. Reliable cleaning
    – in boiling water or using the RC-Clean® cleaning bag for the microwave. Cleaning in the dishwasher is possible, but we do not recommend it because of the residues.
With the RC-Animal Chamber®, inhalation therapy can be carried out independently by every cat owner. Please always follow the instructions for use.
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Ordering Information

The RC-Animal Chamber® family is available online and in select veterinary practices.

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