Respiratory therapy and respiratory training with oscillations and sounds

The RC-FIT® CLASSIC is a unique, oscillating, inspiratory and expiratory trainer, and PEP therapy device in one. With acoustic feedback during inhalation and exhalation, as well as 4 intensity levels. For prevention, rehabilitation, and targeted improvement of a person’s constitution.
Possible effects:

Strengthens respiratory muscles:

diaphragm and auxiliary muscles.

Expands airways:

improves the exchange of gases.

Loosens secretions:

cleans and frees the airways.

Offers peace and focus:

in cases of stress, shortness of breath, concentration difficulties.

Helps to loosen tensions:

relieves tension-related pain.
Possible areas of use: Pneumology, Intensive care, Thoracic surgery, Cardiology, Neurology, Paediatrics, Geriatrics, Weaning, Therapy units (e.g. Respiratory therapy, Physical therapy, Logopaedics).

Recommended use RC-FIT® CLASSIC

Recommended use of oscillating exhalation therapy and inhalation training

Recommended use
of oscillating exhalation therapy
and inhalation training

  • Start at the lowest intensity level (basic position I)
  • Inhalation and exhalation through the mouth
  • 3 x daily
  • With prolonged exhalation with 10 – 30 breaths each time
  • If possible, there should be an end-inspiratory and an end-expiratory pause with every breath
  • If the sounds are constant, the device is being used correctly

Product features RC-FIT® CLASSIC

Product features RC-FIT® CLASSIC
Possible effects

– trains the inspiratory and expiratory muscles
– holds the airways open
– loosens secretions with oscillations
– reduces coughing and shortness of breath
– reduces the respiratory rate
– calms and relaxes

Long/post-COVID respiratory difficulties, pre-and post-surgery*, temporary immobility, dysphagia, stress, COPD, treated pulmonary emphysema, treated bronchial asthma, CF, smoker’s cough and atelectasis prophylaxis, weaning **
Most important contraindication****
Untreated pneumothorax, serious haemoptysis (blood-expectorating cough), severe heart failure, ICP (increased intracranial pressure) > 20 mm Hg Relative***: untreated pulmonary emphysema, untreated bronchial asthma, neuromuscular diseases.
Recommended Use
– 3 x daily
– with prolonged exhalation for 10–30 breaths each time
Breathing info
– Please make end-inspiratory and end-expiratory pauses
– slow inhalation and exhalation through the mouth
– an end-inspiratory and an end-expiratory pause (if possible)

Can be used in any body position

Its use does not require the presence of gravity. The device can be used while lying down, sitting, and being in motion.

Hygienically clean

Just boil in a pot, drain the water and allow to dry well.

Sound provides feedback

Acoustic feedback on the vibrations. If the sound is consistant, the RC-FIT® CLASSIC is being correctly used. The required flow and pressure fluctuations are being achieved.

Oscillations / vibrations

With vibration training, the muscles contract automatically via a reflex. Training with the RC-FIT® CLASSIC is thus found to be less strenuous (than without vibrations).

Average pressure during exhalation / inhalation

Average pressure during exhalation / inhalation


RC-Mask Tracheostoma

The RC-Mask Tracheostoma enables tracheotomized patients to perform respiratory therapy and respiratory training with the RC-FIT® CLASSIC. The RC-Mask Tracheostoma is simply plugged onto the mouthpiece of the RC-FIT® model and then placed on the open tracheostoma.

Article no. 3012-10

Ordering Information


Article no. 2631-10
Quantity per unit: 10

Direct purchase for clinics.

Additional models for clinics

Oscillating respiratory therapy (OPEP)
Article no. 2637-10

Oscillating inhalation training (OIMT)
Article no. 2632-10

Treats the airways with PEP
Trains the respiratory muscles with IMT
Article no. 2638-10

* especially upper abdominal and lung surgery.
** after spontaneous breathing attempt (STB) with RC mask tracheostoma.
*** relative contraindications: Product use should be carefully considered in advance by healthcare professionals.
**** further contraindications in the corresponding instructions for use.

All information is without guarantee and subject to constant revision.

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