PEP mask

Effective loosening of bronchial phlegm

When exhaling against 4 pre-settable, positive expiratory resistances, the PEP mask ensures that the bronchi are dilated and sticky secretions are loosened.

Therapy with the PEP mask helps you to breathe freely, especially in cases of bronchial instability! The auxiliary device RC‑Cornet® PLUS offers a combination of this physiotherapeutic treatment option together with inhalation.

Product features:

  • Mobilises bronchial phlegm
  • Facilitates the coughing up of bronchial phlegm
  • Inhibits airway closure and phlegm residue in cases of loss of lung elasticity
  • Activates the pulmonary surfactant (surface-active substance)
  • Only for single-patient use

PEP mask breathing technique

  1. Press mask firmly over the nose and mouth, then cough 3 – 5 times into the mask.
  2. Remove mask from the face, breathe normally 5 – 10 times.
  3. Press the mask to the face once again and exhale five times through the stenosis while breathing calmly.
  4. Perform multiple instances of “huffing”, i.e. quickly contract the stomach with an open mouth, this will produce a “stertorous” noise, similar to the barking of a dog.
  5. If you have a bronchial condition on one side, lay on the healthy side and conduct the technique as described in steps 1 to 4.

It is important not to cough immediately when you feel the phlegm rising in the airways, but instead to conduct the “huffing” as described above. This exercise should be performed 3 – 5 times per day.

PEP-Maske Anwendung

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