Neuromuscular diseases

Neuromuscular diseases (NMD) is an integral term for a group of muscular diseases. Typical symptoms in patients are muscle weakness, muscular atrophy, and muscular pain.
In persons with neuromuscular diseases, the disruptions in respiratory function mostly appear in the form of a mechanical, limited respiratory disorder associated with a reduced vital capacity. Among adults and children, every stage of the disease can bring about weakening of the respiratory muscles.

This is not a pulmonary disease but rather a disruption in respiratory muscle function that can be treated with respiratory physiotherapy.
It is recommended that patients seek out therapists who specialise in the area of Neurology. The aim of treatment is to unburden the respiratory muscles and to stimulate the weakened musculature. Special respiratory exercises and activities to mobilise secretions (e.g., with the RC-Cornet® PLUS), daily body posture that facilitates breathing, and passive stretching all work in a supportive manner.

The following products can help you in the event of neuromuscular diseases:

Atemtherapiegerät RC‑Cornet® PLUS

RC-Cornet® PLUS

A PLUS for quality of life

The new RC-Cornet® PLUS OPEP therapy device produces a positive exhalation pressure that loosens up viscous bronchial mucus in the event of chronic respiratory diseases, and reduces coughing and shortness of breath.
Considerable weakness in the respiratory muscles can be treated with long-term mechanical ventilation in the home environment. The ventilation can be non-invasive (e.g., via the nose, facial mask, or mouthpiece) or invasive via a tracheostomy.
Atemtherapiegerät RC-Cornet® PLUS TRACHEO


for tracheostomised patients
with cannulas

Unique mucus dissolution method for enhanced quality of life.