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In-vitro measurement of the combination of inhalation and respiratory therapy

Optimization of inhalation therapy through combination with the RC-Cornet® PLUS respiratory therapy device

The white paper describes the combination of the RC-Cornet® PLUS respiratory therapy device with different nebulizer types to optimize inhalation therapy. Laser diffractometry was used to measure the particle size distribution of the aerosols in order to evaluate the effects of placing the RC-Cornet® PLUS upstream of the inhalation device on drug deposition in the lungs.

The study shows that the combination of both forms of therapy changes the particle size distribution only minimally and thus enables effective drug delivery with simplified handling for the patient.

Studiensammlung inkl. Anwenderbefragung RC-FIT®/ RC-Cornet® VARIANTEN

Study summary incl. user survey RC-FIT®/ RC-Cornet® VARIANTS

Studies, articles and user surveys on OPEP therapy, respiratory physiotherapy, physiotherapy, PEP therapy, respiratory muscle training, OIMT, IMT in connection with e.g. respiratory diseases such as COPD, asthma etc. or weaning. For both adults and children, in German and English.