Deforming bronchitis

Deforming bronchitis is a severe, chronic lung disease characterised by patients suffering from a disease for which worsening occurs mostly in stages, for a minimum of six years. The airways are heavily obstructed resulting in shortness of breath, coughing, and increased mucus formation, whereby secretions are very firm and can only be coughed up with great difficulty.

Deforming bronchitis patients can profit from the following products:

Atemtherapiegerät RC‑Cornet® PLUS

RC-Cornet® PLUS

The PLUS for your quality of life

The new RC-Cornet® PLUS pep therapy device produces an oscillating positive exhalation pressure that loosens up sticky bronchial phlegm in the event of chronic respiratory diseases, reduces coughing and shortness of breath.
Atemtherapiegerät RC‑Cornet® PLUS

RC-Cornet® (Base cornet)

An OPEP therapy for the lower respiratory tract – loosens phlegm, reduces coughing and shortness of breath.