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The RC-Cornet® is a physiotherapeutic device that helps you to build up OPEP (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure) in your lungs. This opens your airways and helps to remove phlegm. As a result blockages in your lungs will be removed and your breathing improves. The RC-Cornet® is widely used by patients with COPD, bronchiectasis, cystic fibrosis and other conditions of the lung.


How the RC-Cornet® improves your breathing


The RC-Cornet® clears your airways by applying an oscillating pressure to your lungs. Just like a plunger helps clear blocked drains the RC-Cornet® removes mucous from your airways and clears them in order to improve your breathing.

Breathing difficuties can be due to emphysema or obstruction due to increased mucous and phlegm retention. In both cases, this leads to narrowings of the airways and subsequent problems with air throughput.

Treatment with the RC-Cornet® applies a positive expiratory pressure (PEP) with superimposed oscillations to the lung. Due to the PEP, the lung is extended (like an inflated balloon) and breathing is facilitated due to widening of the air passages. In addition, the oscillating pressure helps to remove mucous deposits that block smaller airways and narrowings. Mucous properties are rather like those of toothpaste. At rest mucous retains its shape however under applied pressure it can flow like a liquid (just like toothpaste flows when you push on the tube). The pressure oscillations of the RC-Cornet® make the mucous more fluid-like and help to lift it off the airway walls. This results in the clearance of airway blockages.


Good vibrations for the lungs

A massage for the airways

Effective physiotherapy of the lungs can be achieved with a small hand held device in an uncomplicated manner. Cough and breathlessness can be improved without the need of medication for conditions such as chronic bronchitis and other common airway diseases.

RC-Cornet, massage for the airwaysCough can have many causes. If it only lasts for a few days, as in a common cold, it causes discomfort but can be overcome quickly. However many people suffer from chronic cough which troubles them for months or even years and reduces their quality of life and personal effectiveness. One of the most common causes is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) which causes narrowing of the airways and leads to cough and breathlessness (dyspnoea). Chronic inflammation influences the bronchial muscles, leads to swelling of the lining of the lungs and an increased production of mucous.

Smoking aggravates the problems and should be stopped. However to restore the breathing system a more focused approach is needed. The small, hand held RC-Cornet® is a device that causes vibrations in the lungs when one breathes into it. The pressure and flow oscillations inflate the bronchi, remove and liquefy mucous and strengthen the breathing musculature. Thus the RC-Cornet® helps patients cough up mucous and train the lung function effectively.

The simple device consists of a bent tube with a valve hose and an adjustable mouthpiece, it can also be used for therapy of patients with other diseases of the bronchi, such as cystic fibrosis, emphysema , asthma or bronchiectasis. Especially in these cases the combination of the RC-Cornet® with an adapter for combined therapy with a standard nebulizer is of advantage. The adapter allows for the physiotherapy of the lungs to be carried out in parallel with inhalation therapy with the required medication, as such the adapter enhances the effectiveness of the inhalation therapy and also saves time by allowing two treatments to be carried out at the same time.

The RC-Cornet® is used within the NHS service.

It does not always need to be a serious disease:

The application of regular therapy is advisable for people with regular problems and infections of the airways as well as people who suffer from breathlessness when exercising. Here the RC-Cornet® can help to relieve symptoms and train the airways.

How the RC-Cornet® works

Inside the tube of the RC-Cornet® a rubber hose is connected to the mouthpiece. At rest the hose lies on the curved tube that it is housed.

On blowing into the mouth piece the hose is inflated with air, it extends forwards in the direction of the mouth piece until it hits the wall of the curved tube, where it is “kinked”.

The “kink” prevents the air from passing straight through the hose. As exhalation continues the pressure builds up and the “kink” is pushed along the wall of the tube.

Once the “kink” has moved relatively far along the tube the hose starts touching the inner side of the tube at a position close to the mouth piece.

This triggers the formation of a new “kink” close to the mouthpiece which will be pushed through the tube in the same manner, so that the process restarts.

The air is pushed through the “valve” hose in pockets of air. In order to keep the processes going a constant positive pressure has to be applied to the system. This pressure undergoes fluctuations as the pockets of air move through the tube. It is possible to adjust the pressure and flow characteristics by twisting the hose in the tube. This adjusts the air pocket size that is formed and the pressure with which it has to be pushed through the tube.


RC-Cornet® - Application film


RC-Cornet® - Physiotherapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


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The most effective Oscillatory PEP (OPEP) Therapy to address breathlessness and secretion mobilization.

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The RC-Cornet® is a physiotherapeutic device that helps you to build up OPEP (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure) in your lungs.

RC-Cornet instructions for use
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The RC-Cornet® is a physiotherapeutic device that helps you to build up OPEP (Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure) in your lungs.

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