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A clear nose without medicine

RC-Cornet N

A physiotherapeutic aid to remove excess mucous, increase ventilation of the sinuses and reduce cough. The RC-Cornet® N (Nasal Cornet) clears the nose in a natural way. It has a long-term decongestant effect, is mucolytic and regenerative. The RC-Cornet® N is widely used by patients with chronic sinusitis, Post Nasal Drip and other conditions of the sinuses.


How the RC-Cornet® N helps unblock your sinuses

RC-CornetNThe RC-Cornet® N is a therapeutic aid to clear your sinuses. The pressure and flow fluctuations created by the device 'massage' the sinuses and widen the narrow passages so that air can pass into the sinuses. At the same time, mucous that blocks the passages is mobilised and drained. The RC-Cornet® N thus enhances the natural healing mechanisms of the body. It helps to drain mucous from the sinuses and therefore relieves the feeling of being 'blocked up'.

To protect the sinuses, the human body constantly produces small quantites of mucous which acts as a lining to the airways. Usually little hairs (cilia) that are in constant motion transport the mucous over narrowings and orifices into the nose. From here the mucous is subconciously swallowed.

When the body is weakend by external influences (infections, allergic reactions etc.), narrowings in the sinus passages occur. Often there is also an increased production of more viscous mucous that leads to blockage of these passages. Therefore the natural drainage and ventilation system of the sinuses fails.

As a result, pressure can build up in the sinuses and the oxygen supply to the sinuses is disrupted leading to inflammation of the whole area.

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A massage for the sinuses - Breathing made easy without medication

A novel therapy that clears the sinuses: pressure and flow oscillations, induced by a clever little device, effectively loosen mucous blockages in the nasal cavity.

One often wonders why some inventions haven't been made earlier. This also applies to the nasal Cornet (RC-Cornet® N) - a portable aid for every sufferer of bunged up sinuses. By pure physical action, i.e. without medication, the device helps to ventilate the sinuses, remove excessive mucous and stimulates lymph drainage.

How does it work? The nosepiece of the device is simply inserted in one nostril while the index finger is used to close the other nostril. Breathing out through the Cornet induces vibrations in a flexible rubber hose that open up blockages and loosen mucous. The vibrations also massage the mucosal lining of the sinuses which helps to increase the local blood circulation and vitalises the cilia - the little hairs that form part of the body's natural mucous clearance mechanism.

Train your airways

Regular use (2-3 times daily) for 2 minutes in each nostril trains the mucosa of the upper airways. This is particularly recommended for people with chronic inflammation of the sinuses, which are 22% of all woman and 15% of all men aged between 45 and 64 according to recent studies. The constantly increased production of mucous can cause symptoms like catarrh, bad breath, a blocked nose, swollen eyes, feeling “bunged up”, throat problems and being in a generally irritable mood.

Blockages of the eustachian tube are a commonly encountered problem. The tube is an important ventilation channel connecting the nose and the ear. Blockages can manifest themselves in the form of severe pain while flying in an aircraft, during sudden changes of weather conditions and even whilst diving. The nasal Cornet helps to reduce swelling and mucus build up in the eustachian tube enabling the ventilation of the sinuses via the tube to function effectively.

How the RC-Cornet® N works

Inside the tube of the RC-Cornet® N a rubber hose is connected to the nosepiece. At rest the hose lies on the curved tube that it is housed.

On blowing into the nosepiece the hose is inflated with air, it extends forwards in the direction of the mouth piece until it hits the wall of the curved tube, where it is “kinked”.

The “kink” prevents the air from passing straight through the hose. As exhalation continues the pressure builds up and the “kink” is pushed along the wall of the tube.

Once the “kink” has moved relatively far along the tube the hose starts touching the inner side of the tube at a position close to the nosepiece.

This triggers the formation of a new “kink” close to the mouthpiece which will be pushed through the tube in the same manner, so that the process restarts.

The air is pushed through the “valve” hose in pockets of air. In order to keep the processes going a constant positive pressure has to be applied to the system. This pressure undergoes fluctuations as the pockets of air move through the tube. It is possible to adjust the pressure and flow characteristics by twisting the hose in the tube. This adjusts the air pocket size that is formed and the pressure with which it has to be pushed through the tube.

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The RC-Cornet® N (Nasal Cornet) clears the nose in a natural way.

RC-Cornet N instructions for use
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The RC-Cornet® N (Nasal Cornet) clears the nose in a natural way.


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