Professionally Clean, with Steam!

Clean medical products (RC-Cornet®, RC-Cornet® N) and childcare items easily, quickly and safely in the microwave – with the microwave bags from RC.

Depending on the microwave power medical products and childcare items such as pacifiers and bottles can be cleaned hygienically in as little as 90 seconds (more under “Hygiene”).




Put the items to be cleaned in an RC-Clean cleaning bag together with 60ml water. Close the bag and put it in the microwave. Done!


With the RC-Clean microwave bags you can clean your medical products and childcare items, depending on the microwave power, in only 90 seconds.


When the water inside the microwave bag heats up hot steam develops that effectively kills bacteria and germs (more under hygiene). Childcare items and medical products are thereby quickly and safely hygienically treated.


The combined effects of steam and high temperatures within the microwave result in an effective killing of germs and bacteria in the RC-Clean bag. Recent testing via a microbiological germ study illustrate the effectiveness of the RC-Clean and we are happy to provide this to clinicians upon request. Please use our contact form if you would like a copy.

Cleaning medical products

Whether in the hospital, the doctor’s practice or at home – the hygienic treatment of medical products with RC-Clean systematically guards against germ buildup and possible infections.

All medical products which can be boiled and/or are microwave safe are suitable for cleaning with RC-Clean, for example:

Cleaning childcare items

Whether at home or on the road – play it safe with the cleaning of baby bottles, pacifiers and similar items with RC-Clean.

All childcare items which can be boiled and/or are microwave safe are suitable for cleaning with RC-Clean, for example:

  • Baby bottles
  • Pacifiers
  • Flatware (no metal flatware)
  • Teething rings
Product description

The RC-Clean cleaning bags are tailored to fit all commercial and most domestic microwaves.

One package contains 5 RC-Clean cleaning bags. One RC-Clean cleaning bag can be used up to 20 times. Thereby 100 cleaning cycles per package is possible.


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Clean with steam.

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