RC-Rhino HornTM

Natural Care of the upper airways

Using the RC-Rhino Horn™ nasal rinse system, the nasal passages are rinsed with an isotonic saline solution. The soothing rinse has no side effects and frees and moistens the mucous membrane and prevents it from drying out.


Daily use of RC-Rhino Horn™ protects mucous membranes from drying out and thus effectively prevents infections and relieves allergic ailments of the airways, e.g.

  • the symptoms of cold or flu
  • hayfever, pollen or dust allergies
  • for patients with chronic sinusitis
  • for patients with chronic diseases of the lower airways such as asthma or COPD
  • following operations of the nose or sinuses
  • during pregnancy

Nasal irrigation with RC-Rhino Horn™

  • cleans and cleanses the upper airways
  • protects the mucous membrane from drying out
  • provides fast relief from cold symptoms
  • opens nasal passageways and frees the nose of irritants
  • effectively prevents infections of the airways
  • provides a high degree of hygienic safety


Application RC-Rhino Horn

Nasal irrigation with RC-Rhino Horn™ is incredibly easy:

The right amount of salt need to produce the isotonic saline solution is easy to measure with the included dosing aid. The sale is simply mixed with warm tap water - ready to use!



The hygienic cleaning of medical products is incredibly important to protect users from germs and pathogens.

The RC-Rhino Horn™ nasal rinse system is hygienically safe: it is suitable for processing in the dishwasher, in boiling water or the microwave (when used in conjunction with the RC-Clean cleaning bag).

*Rhino HornTM is a registered trademark owned by Yogaprosess AS