A Gentle Moisturizing Gel for Dry Nasal Passages

Dry air, dust particles, air-pollution, and allergens irritate the upper respiratory tract, resulting in an increased risk of infection, skin irritation and the adhering of dry mucus to nasal passages.

RC-GEL NASAL is a moisturizing nasal gel based on natural ingredients and hyluronic acid. It deposits a a protective film on the inner nasal wall, which effectively protects the nasal mucosa from drying out.



RC-GEL NASAL is well tolerated thanks to its natural composition. It is suitable for the daily care of the nose for the prevention of infections, for oxygen therapy and for treating chronic ailments, e.g.:

  • Skin irritation at the nasal vestibule
  • Dry and irritated mucous membranes
  • Blocked nose
  • Allergic symptoms (hay fever, dust mites, pollen allergy)
  • Chronic sinusitis


  • naturally soothes and moisturizes nasal airways
  • protects nasal mucosa from drying out
  • reduces the risk of acute infection
  • improves the sense of well being in the event of colds and other respiratory ailments
  • suitable for daily nasal care (e.g. as part of oxygen therapy)
  • used in the treatment of colds, allergies and chronic respiratory diseases


RC-GEL NASAL - Manual RC-GEL NASAL - Manual 164,3 KiB

A Gentle Moisturizing Gel for Dry Nasal Passages.


RC-GEL NASAL is an isotonic water-based saline nasal moisturizing gel, which provides dry and irritated nasal passages with moisturizing and healing nutrients. It is made of pure natural ingredients.

Ingredients include purified water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium chloride, Propylene Glycol, Di-sodium EDTA, panthenol, alantoin, menthol crystals, sodium hyaluronate, glycerine, perfume