RC-Animal-Chamber for DOG, CAT and HORSE

Inhalation - Small dose, great effect

For people with chronic respiratory disease, inhalation therapy with aerosols is the most common form of treatment used worldwide. The RC-Animal Chamber inhaler makes this highly effective form of therapy available to animals.

There are many ways to treat severe respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic bronchitis. The inhalation of active ingredients as aerosol sprays, so-called MDIs, has important advantages over other methods of delivery.

Compared to the standard administration of drugs in the form of tablets and syringes, advantages include:

  • The medication is delivered deep into the respiratory tract
  • The active substance acts directly on the site of the disease
  • Cortisone can be dosed lower by using metered -dose sterols
  • The severe side effects of corticosteroids or tablets are eliminated
Inhalation with RC-Animal Chamber

RC-Animal Chamber allows animals to inhale aerosols (MDIs). The metered-dose aerosol is inserted into the rubber adapter so that a spray dose can be released into the chamber of the RC-Animal-Chambers.

A silicone mask, attached to the front of the chamber, is then placed over the snout of the animal (in horses: on one of the nostrils). It closes airtight and ensures that the active substance is delivered as the patient inhales. The patented valve system allows for normal breathing during inhalation.

The following user video demonstrates the easy application of the RC-Animal-Chamber CAT:

An additional advantage: The animal's keeper can administer the therapy. It is simple to give to horses as well as dogs and cats.



RC-Animal-Chamber Manual
RC-Animal-Chamber - Manual RC-Animal-Chamber - Manual 1,0 MiB

The RC-Animal Chamber allows animals to inhale aerosols.