Respiratory physiotherapy

Respiratory physiotherapy is used in the treatment of many ailments of the respiratory tract and can in many cases significantly reduce a patient's drug requirements. The aims of respiratory physiotherapy are:

  • Secretization mobilization
  • Secretion elimination
  • Expelling of air from the lungs
  • Strengthening the muscles of the airways

A number of different techniques are used, including percussion massage. Medical devices such as like those of the RC Cornet program, so-called oscillating PEP devices, are recommended for these applications.

A prerequisite for successful therapy is, as with any physiotherapy, the regular use of the device. The RC products are designed for use in hospitals, private practices or at home.

You will find the RC products used for respiratory physiotherapy on the following pages.



The RC-Cornet® is a physiotherapeutic device that widens your lungs and helps to remove phlegm. The RC-Cornet® is widely used by patients with COPD, cystic fibrosis and other conditions of the lung.


RC-Cornet Plus

RC-Cornet® PLUS

The RC-Cornet® PLUS - an enhanced version of the RC-Cornet® - removes bronchial secretions and reduces breathlessness and coughing in chronic respiratory diseases.



RC-Cornet® N

A physiotherapeutic aid to remove excess mucous, increase ventilation of the sinuses and reduce cough.




Clean medical products (RC-Cornet®, RC-Cornet® N) and childcare items easily, quickly and safely in the microwave.